What is the meaning of a "null set"?Someone please give me an insightful and easy to understand explanation. I am so confused and need help with understanding. 

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jgeertz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In algebraic language the term "null set" means the same thing as "empty set".

In algebra, a set is a group of numbers and the members of the set are called elements.

If A = the set of all odd numbers from 3 to 10, then

A ={3,5,7,9}

Sometimes sets have a non-ending number of elements, an exact number of elements, or no elements.

The set with no elements is the null set and it is shown by {  } or  a zero with a slash through it. It is an empty set. Here is an example:

If A = {3,5} and B = {4,6,8,10} then A nn B = {  } since sets A and B share no common elements.

Remember not to confuse the null set, {  }, with  {0} because this set has one element and is not empty.

mproxas | Student

null set is a set wit no elements and is sown by {}. Bit do not be confused wuth {} and {0} for the latter part has an element and therefore is not a null set