What is the nuance emotion most closely related to Claudio and why?

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If you sum up all of the emotions displayed by Claudio in the play, perhaps "passion" would be the nuance to which you refer.  Claudio is extreme in his emotions.  He falls in love with Hero very quickly and just as quickly decides he wants to marry her.  He shows extreme gullibility in believing what is told to him by Don John pretending to think Claudio is Benedick.  Claudio has no proof; he just has the words of Don Pedro's half brother who is known to be, at best, sullen.  Still, Claudio is ready to believe that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself rather than for Claudio.  Obviously, he is also very jealous since he gets so angry when he thinks that Don Pedro is trying to get Hero for himself.  When Don John again tricks Claudio into thinking he is seeing Hero with another man, Claudio again immediately believes he is seeing an unfaithful Hero.  He doesn't consider that maybe he needs to get closer to see who he is really looking at, he comes to a conclusion that he has the help of Don John in reaching.  With just as much passion as he had at falling in love and with just as much speed, Claudio is bitterly angry and spiteful.  He publicly humiliates Hero and then seems to have no further cares.  When he is told that it was not Hero he saw at the window, but it was Margaret, he is extremely contrite and sorrowful because Hero has supposedly died of shame.  He quickly submits to Leonato's request that he marry Hero's look-alike cousin.  When Claudio realizes it is indeed Hero he is marrying, his joy is extreme.  Everything Claudio does seems over the top emotionally, so "passion" sums up Claudio emotionally.

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