what is the normal pathway of the electrical impulse

singingoffner | Student

My assumption is that you are interested in information about the electrical wiring of the body.  The body's fascia is the "superhighway" for electrical impulses.  Cybernetic Biofeedback devices send electrical impulses along these pathways (also recognized as meridians) to promote healing.  Your body keeps it's state of homeostasis through proper balancing of voltage.  On a cellular level, cells work only when they have enough voltage to do so.  Cells that are low voltage eventually become diseased and die.  Certain activities give our cells voltage (clean water, healthy food, sunshine, emotional support, running water, restful sleep, massage) and others take voltage away (transfats, toxins in the water, air and food, stress, poor sleeping habits, etc.)  Normal flowing electrical pathways indicate good health.

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