What is normal and what is abnormal about Christopher's reaction to his mother's death?

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Christopher has some fairly normal reactions to his mother's death, and many more abnormal reactions - at least according to how most people would react. What is "normal" and "abnormal" is incredibly subjective. People grieve very differently.

What we might consider normal are the number of questions that Christopher asks about his mother's health and death. In Ch. 53 we see him really struggling to understand how she could have died.

"Mother was only 38 years old and heart attacks usually happen to older people, and mother was very active and rode a bicycle and ate food which was healthy and high in fiber and low in saturated fat like chicken and vegetables and muesli" (Haddon).

These are perfectly natural questions to be asking because his mother was not visibly sick prior to her "death." Then, he didn't see her in the hospital and he...

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