What nongovernmental organizations are active within Australia, and what is the nature of that activity?

There are several active non-government and non-profit organizations located in Australia, some of which include ChildFund Australia, Habitat for Humanity Australia, UNICEF Australia, Australian Red Cross (ARC), and more.

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According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, there are currently 58 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based in Australia; 42 of these organizations are fully accredited, while 16 are granted only base accreditation. Various sources online claim that the number of Australian NGOs might actually be bigger than 58; however, the Australian government clearly states that:

Australian NGOs must be accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to be eligible for funding under the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

The accreditation process provides the Department and the Australian public with confidence that the Australian Government is funding professional, well managed, community-based organisations that are capable of delivering quality development outcomes.

The main difference between fully accredited NGOs and NGOs granted with base accreditation is that fully accredited NGOs are often more independent and have more autonomy. Accreditation used to be both granted and determined by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), however, the agency was cancelled in 2013 and its main program was included in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The nature of activity of these organizations varies, however, the majority of them focus on international development and promoting social change in order to improve the community and increase the general welfare. For instance, Action on Poverty is a non-government, non-profit and international development organization which was created for the purpose of helping and supporting impoverished communities; they have several programs and are a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct.

You can find the complete list of all current NGOs located in Australia, as well as learn more about their visions, missions and activities here.

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