What is Noah's mom's job in The View from Saturday?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Noah's mom is a real estate agent.

Ethan Potter gives the reader this information in Chapter 3, when he explains about the students in his sixth grade class and his first meetings with Julian Singh.  In noting where each of his friends are sitting in the classroom, he says about Noah Gershom,

"His mother sells houses - a lot of them".

The interesting thing about Noah's mom's occupation is that, in furthering a theme that is central to the narrative, it ties her to the other characters in the book.  For example, Mrs. Gershom is the agent who facilitated the sale of Sillington House to Mr. Singh, Julian's father.  Not only did she help him buy the property, but she helped him get the permits to convert it into a Bed and Breakfast facility.  Other links between characters include Noah's father being Ethan's family's dentist as well as the employer of Nadia Diamondstein's mother, who is a dental hygienist, Noah accidentally serving as the best man in Nadia's grandfather's wedding, and Nadia's new step-grandmother, Margaret Draper, being Ethan's grandmother from a previous marriage as well as a former principal at the school at which Mrs. Olinski taught before her accident.  One of the most distinctive characteristics of The View from Saturday is the delightful labyrinth of connections between each of the central characters, connections through blood-relations and occupations of which the one between Mrs. Gershom and the Singhs is just the beginning (Chapter 3).

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i am not really sure but i don't think I've gotten there yet so i will definitely tell you when i do!