What is Nick's physical appearance or description, personality traits, and background?

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This question has already been answered.  Here is a link for you:  http://www.enotes.com/great-gatsby/q-and-a/describe-nick-carraway-briefly-his-apparent-role-84075

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Nick Carraway, the narrator. A young Midwesterner who was dissatisfied with his life at home, he was attracted to New York and now sells bonds there. He is the most honest character of the novel and because of this trait fails to become deeply fascinated by his rich friends on Long Island. He helps Daisy and Jay Gatsby to renew a love they had known before Daisy’s marriage, and he is probably the only person in the novel to have any genuine affection for Gatsby.

And although he is described as young, he is conscious of his aging (as marked by his 30th birthday). 

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He is the narrator of the entire story. He is a young and attractive man from the country, Minnesota who also been schooled at Yale and even fight in the World War One, before leaving for New York to learn bond business. He is honest, tolerant and not willing to decide on any judgement, a well-liked person. He also acts as a consoler whoever has any difficulties or suffering from any depressions or hesitant on revealing a troubling and disturbing secret clouding his entire life.

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