What is Nick's opinion on the american dream?  

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Fitzgerald presents the American dream as a shallow, empty concept and depicts the vain pursuit of wealth and social status throughout The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald's negative view of the American dream is presented via the story's narrator, Nick Carraway, who is depicted as an honest, moral individual. When Nick initially moves to the East Coast, he subscribes to the American Dream and wishes to amass wealth in the bond business. During the summer, Nick becomes acquainted with his enigmatic, successful neighbor Jay Gatsby and begins associating with Tom and Daisy Buchanan. As the summer progresses, Nick discovers Gatsby's true identity and learns that he was raised by a poor family in North Dakota.

Gatsby's character epitomizes the American dream as he successfully climbed the social ladder and amassed wealth via the illegal bootlegging industry. Despite attaining the American dream, Gatsby is not content and lacks genuine joy and happiness. Gatsby's masses of wealth cannot win Daisy's heart,...

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