A Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Henrik Ibsen

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What are the nicknames that Torvald gives Nora in Act One of A Doll's House?

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Torvald Helmer's first two lines actually include two different nicknames for his wife, Nora . He first asks, from another room, "Is that my lark twittering there?" Nora responds that it is she that he hears. Next he asks, "When did the squirrel get home?" Just a bit later, while they discuss money, Nora asks if they can't be a little extravagant, seeing as how it is nearing Christmas and Torvald is getting a big promotion, and pay raise, at work soon. At this point, he calls her his "little featherbrain." Still on the topic of money, Torvald says of Nora, "It's a sweet little lark, but it gets through a lot of money. No one would believe...

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