The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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What is Nick's first impression of the Buchanans and Jordan Baker in "The Great Gatsby"?

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We don't see Nick encounter the Buchanans, whom he first knew separately, for the first time. Daisy is Nick's secound cousin, he had known Tom in college, "and just after the war I spent two days with them in Chicago," so he has already known the two both separately and as a couple. Nick has a particular impression that Tom especially would never settle permanently anywhere, but "would drift on forever seeking, a little wistfully, for the dramatic turbulence of some irrecoverable football game."

However, the Tom that Nick meets has "changed since his New Haven years," and apparently not for the better. "Two shining arrogant eyes had established dominance over his face," suggesting that this arrogance was not so much in evidence before, and he gave the impression of "leaning aggressively forward." His expression is "supercilious" and he wears "effeminate" clothing as if to hide the power of his "cruel" body. Overall, Nick seems to observe a general sense of arrogance and cruelty in Tom which...

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