What do Nick and Gatsby talk about, in chapter six, after the party?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the party, Gatsby and Nick discuss Daisy's reaction to everything and everyone she saw there.  Gatsby is crestfallen because he feels that Daisy did not like the party and that she did not have a good time.  Nick tries to reassure him, but it is obvious that Gatsby is feeling pretty depressed about the state of his relationship with Daisy.  He got some time with her alone tonight, but then she went home again with her husband, Tom.  He seems to want nothing less of her than that she walk right up to Tom and declare that she had never actually loved him, a statement that would obliterate the last four years of their life (and family) together.  Gatsby seems to want it to be just like it was five years ago between them, and he doesn't realize the impossibility of this hope. 

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the swimming party, Gatsby talks to Nick about Daisy.  Gatsby wants Daisy to leave her husband and completely repudiate her past with him.  His plan is for him and Daisy to return to Louisville and get married.  He wants to have what he and Daisy once had.  Nick tells him, "You can't repeat the past" (116).  And Gatsby responds, "Why of course you can!" (116). Gatsby tells Tom the story of his past with Daisy and of their first kiss.  This is one of the most beautiful passages in the book.  The whole converation is important for what it reveals about Gatsby and his dreams.

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