What is a nice strong thesis statement when writing an essay on lil wayne's life? I can never think of a strong thesis statement please help.. this is for graduation

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There seems to be a need for more exact detail in order the hopes of providing a more detailed answer.  I sense that the confusion might be in how one is seeking to link the setting of graduation to Lil Wayne's wife.  What is trying to be asserted?  If the thesis statement has to be in a written paper, then I think more detail on the exact task is needed.  What must be proved with the use of research and analysis?  There are many strong thesis statements that can be developed from a study of Lil Wayne's life.  Some of these might be on the public role of artists, as referenced by the President who suggested as much in his assertion that youth might be better served aspiring to be the next Supreme Court Justice, as opposed to "the next Lil Wayne."  More clarification and detail offered in terms of the exact nature of the assignment and task could enable the stage for better responses to be evident.

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