What is the next most logical step we should take to stop damage in the future from palm oil farming?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A sense of the damage that is being caused to the biodiversity of the areas in West Africa and Asia would be the place to start.  History is rife with examples where a cash crop such as palm oil was used to justify things like piracy, theft, and slavery.  So the governments of the nations involved with the production of palm oil must first be made aware of both the positive and negative benefits such a cash crop provides.  It is good that a naturally occuring substance such as palm oil may effectively be farmed and relied upon for its industrial uses and applications.  But taking land illegally from the native people that occupy and rely on that land for their livelihood is just plain wrong.  Taking down rainforests, reknown for the abundance of biodiversity in flora and fauna, major contributors to the oxygen supply for the Earth, is wrong as well.  It will take a major effort to get governments to see past the dollar signs, however.  Governments are not renown for doing the right thing when it comes to protecting the planet.

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