What news does Roxane give Cyrano in Act 2?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Roxanne comes to talk to Cyrano at Ragueneau's pastry shop in Scene 6 of Act 2. The purpose of her visit is to ask Cyrano to befriend and protect the man she loves. At first Cyrano thinks she is going to tell him that he himself is the man she secretly loves. Cyrano is madly in love with her. But it turns out that the man she loves is a newcomer to Cyrano's regiment, whom Cyrano has not even met as yet. She tells Cyrano the man is Baron Christian de Neuvillette. She explains why she wants Cyrano to look after Christian:

It's because I learned just yesterday that all of your company are Gascons and—

And we always provoke any newcomer who somehow gains favor without being a pure Gascon.

Roxanne gets Cyrano to swear that he will be Christian's friend and prevent Christian from getting involved in any duels. This makes it extremely awkward for Cyrano later on. Christian is provoked by the Gascons to prove that he is as courageous as any of them. He does this in Act 2, Scene 9 by interrupting Cyrano's description of his sword fight with 100 assailants with references to Cyrano's nose. Christian has already been warned that it is almost certain death to make any insulting remarks about Cyrano's huge nose. For example:

All the docks were hidden in the murky dark. I could see nothing further--

Than the end of your nose.

In this hilarious scene, Cyrano has to try to ignore Christian's numerous intrusions because he has promised Roxane to befriend and protect him and can hardly fight a duel with Christian himself.

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