What news does Calpurnia deliver to Atticus at the courtroom?

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At the end of Chapter 20, Calpurnia shows up in court. Dill sees her first. At the beginning of Chapter 21, Cal waits until Judge Taylor notices her and then she proceeds to give Atticus an envelope containing a note from Aunt Alexandra telling him the children are missing. Mr. Underwood interrupts and tells him that the children are in the balcony. Atticus summons them to come down from the balcony. The children plead with Atticus to let them stay to hear the verdict. Atticus tells them they are allowed to return after they have eaten supper, but he adds that the verdict might come in before they return. An hour later, the children return to the courthouse and the balcony where Reverend Sykes has saved their seats. They are in time for the verdict. 


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