What news did Rosa give Daniel that made their reunion bittersweet at the end of Daniel's Story?

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Rosa tells Daniel that his sister Erika is dead.  She had been marched to Gross-Rosen and had hidden in the infirmary the day the camp was evacuated.  She managed to live until the Russians came and liberated the survivors of the camp, but then she had no strength left.  Rosa found her in an infirmary at a displaced persons' camp, and sat with her, holding her hand until she died.

Rosa, her older brother, and her mother made it through the holocaust; her father was killed early in the war, and her little brother died of typhus soon after the Russians came.  Daniel's father has survived as well.  As they begin to realize the enormity of what has happened - they have heard that millions of Jews were exterminated - Rosa and Daniel consider themselves fortunate to have even a few family members left, when so many entire families have been wiped out.  They resolve to go to Palestine and help build a new country in memory of all those who have died.  They will dedicate their lives to making sure this can never happen again.

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