What New York department store was accused of racially profiling it's customers?

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I believe you’re asking about the 2013 incident involving Barney’s Department Store on Madison Avenue.  In an attempt to curb a recent increase in shoplifting, store security at the time would single out African-American and Latino customers, following them around the store.  In addition they would question the ability of minority customers to actually pay for the items they were purchasing and accuse them of using fake credit cards, according to interviews conducted by The New York Times, sometimes following their customers blocks beyond the department store and frisking them down on the sidewalk.  This sort of behavior was described in NYT article as “shop and frisk,” and minorities were being disproportionately targeted by the practice.

The story came to a head when two young black customers sued Barney’s for profiling after making purchases at the store.  Both the customers were students at the time.  The department store ended up paying $525,000 in fees and penalties, and according to The Huffington Post,  “will retain an independent anti-profiling consultant, put in place new anti-profiling policies and add anti-profiling training for security and sales workers.”

A Macy's store across the street from Barney's Madison Avenue location also came under fire for similar practices in 2013.

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