What new things does Scout learn here about how the black people live?

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She learns of many cultural differences between the black community and white community.

Consider the events which take Scout by surprise:

1.  EVERYONE gives at church - up front and publically.  No private passing of the plate.
2.  Guests are not expected to give (as per Calpurnia's direction to put their dimes away as she provides them with money herself).
3.  Most cannot read.
4.  There is no organ yet the music manages to move Scout.
5.  The sermon is so personalized, individuals are called out by name.  Additionally, no one is offended by this.
6.  It is very important to Calpurnia that the children are clean and well dressed, as that is an immediate reflection on her.

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I think you are talking about chapter 12 when Scout and Jem go with Calpurnia to her church.

At this point in the story, the kids completely go into a different culture. They are for the first time the minority.

What they learn about the black community is tri-fold:

  • They take care of each other. The Reverend Sykes shut up the doors to collect another 10 dollars to help the Tom Robinson family.
  • They use the resources they have to the best of their ability. They use one hymnal because only 4 people in the church can read. They line the music and sing in melody because they don't have instruments.
  • They are also just like everyone else, they have good people and bad ones. Lula rudely addressed the Finch children but everyone else surrounded them with appreciation.

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