What are the new relationships or relationship changes in Lord of the Flies chapter 9

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Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies is titled 'A View to a Death.' This title refers, not only to the actual, forthcoming death of Simon but it represents the complete descent into savagery as even Ralph and Piggy are affected by Jack and his tribe. They will be changed forever.

Piggy and Ralph's identities are threatened. Ralph indicates that he no longer cares who joins Jack. Even Piggy suggests checking on Jack. This illustrates

 their own inherent weaknesses and make(s) it plausible when they join the murderous circle later.

The thunderstorm that is brewing sets the scene of foreboding. The signal fire has even gone out!

Jack has finally got the better of Ralph and, despite Ralph's protestations,  the boys do not listen and side with Jack. Ever the opportunist, Jack, to distract the boys from panic and from Ralph, manages to get the boys, with Roger's help, to chant 

Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!

Jack's character is reinforced in this chapter.

This chapter represents all that Golding purported - that savagery is a natural tendency in man. The figurative end to Simon's life brings the message of violence in the face of beauty to a dramatic climax. Simon is the only one

to see into the core of humanity and spot the beast

The realization that there is no beast is contrasted with the fact that the beast - within - has finally arrived.

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