What new piece of information about the beast does Percival give the boys that scares them even more.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Percival tells them that the beast comes out of the ocean.

The beast in this book is something that does not actually exist.  We first hear about it in Chapter 1 when one of the little kids says that he is afraid of the beast.

After that, we hear about the beast from time to time, mostly because the little kids are afraid of it.  Percival says it comes from the sea, Phil says he dreams about it.  Piggy and Jack try to talk the little kids out of their fears, but they have no luck.

Although the beast does not exist, it is a fairly important part of the story because it represents the children's fear of the unknown.

mkcapen1 | Student

Percival is one of the littleuns on the island.  He is scared.  In chapter 5 Ralph has called an assembly to discuss keeping the fire going.  After he lectures on the littleuns using the rocks for a lavatory, one of the boys tells about a scary dream.  Jack and Ralph tell him there is no beast.  The kids push Percival to stand up and talk.  Percival is trying to cope by repeating his address over and over again.  He was crying with tears rolling down his face.  The crying got louder and the kids yelled at him to shut up.  Jack shakes him.  He yells at Percival and asks him where the best lives.  Percival mumbles and Ralph listens.  Ralph tells that Percival had said:

"He says the beast comes out of the sea."(88)

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