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The Corrigan family changes their name to Weber when they go into Witness Protection.

When a family goes into Witness Protection, they have to leave their entire lives at the drop of a hat.  Family and friends and abandoned with no warning.  April Corrigan becomes Valerie Weber.  Her 8 year old brother Brom becomes Jason Weber.  Her mother becomes Ellen Weber, and her father becomes Phillip Weber.

April Corrigan has a seemingly perfect life.  She has a wealthy and successful family, and has gained fame as a tennis player for her school’s team.   When her father is shot at after testifying against a drug dealer while working for the F.B.I, she has to change her name to Valerie Weber and go into the Witness Protection Program.

Becoming a new person is difficult for April.  When she becomes Valerie, she needs to change everything about who she is.  First of all, she has to cut her hair.  Almost a part of her personality, April’s hair was beautifully long and flowing.  However, it was felt that she would attract attention with it.

“Most physical characteristics can’t be changed, but we can change the length of your hair, and it’s important that we do it.” (p. 62)

Of course, changing her hair is just one of the challenges April/Valerie must face in her new life.  She has to leave her boyfriend, friends, and other high school milestones.  The rest of her family also suffers.  Her mother can no longer be a writer, and her father has few employment opportunities.  Even her little brother, who is only 8 years old, has to get contact lenses to hide his distinctive eyes.