What new facts about "Annabel Lee" does the speaker Edgar Allan Poe give? How he describe their love?

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The facts about Annabel Lee and her relationship with the speaker are related in this poem like a fairy tale. The speaker begins the poem by speaking of a "kingdom by the sea" many years ago which is similar to the often used "once upon a time" characteristic of fairy tales. In the first stanza, all we know is that Annabel lived to love and be loved by the speaker. 

In the second stanza, the speaker notes that their love was so great ("more than love") that the angels were jealous. 

With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven 

Coveted her and me. 

In the next two stanzas, the speaker suggests that the jealous angels sent a chilling wind to the kingdom by the sea and this led to Annabel Lee's death. The speaker adds that their love was/is so strong that death can not break the bond between himself and Annabel, that nothing and no one can "dissever" his soul from hers. The speaker continues to see Annabel in the moon, stars, and the sea; this shows that he continues to have a spiritual connection to her via the beauty of nature. 

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