What new characters are introduced in Chapter 4 of Rolling Thunder, Hear My Cry ?

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The graphic tale of the Logan family who with fierce pride fight to maintain their dignity against racial dissension during the Depression, Rolling Thunder, Hear My Cry is peopled with many characters. In Chapter 4, new characters are introduced to the reader:

  • Kaleb Wallace

One of the Wallaces who own the general store that was once the Granger plantation store, Kaleb stands behind the counter and tells the people milling around to go to the back of the store where the music plays.

  • Dewberry Wallace

Another of the Wallaces, he and Kaleb come out onto the porch of the store and stare at Mr. Morrison, who has come to fetch the Logan children.

  •  Melvin and R. W. Simms

They are Jeremy's brothers, but are trouble makers.

  • Harlan Granger

When the children return from the store after Mr. Morrison picks them up with the wagon, the children see Mr. Granger's car as it "rolled from the dusty driveway." When Stacey asks Big Ma why Mr. Granger has been there, she replies,"Nothin'....Just worryin' me 'bout this land again." Harlan Granger's father had to sell some land during Reconstruction, but Mr. Granger, who wants all the land back, has purchased all but the two hundred acres that Big Ma owns.

  • Charles Jamison 

Charles Jamison bought acreage from Harlan Granger's father back when it was sold. But, he was not a good farmer, so after he died, his son Wade allowed Harlan to purchase eight hundred back; however, he sold the remaining two hundred to Paul Edward Logan, the children's grandfather. This action by a white man infuriates Harlan Granger.

  • Kevin and Mitchell Logan

Two of Big Ma's sons who died: Mitchell was killed in the War, and Kevin drowned.

  • Mr. Turner

One of the parents of Mrs. Logan's students, he sharecrops for Mr. Montier. When Mary Logan asks him to boycott the Wallace store, he says he cannot travel to Vicksburg. But, he does agree to shop there if someone would back his signature.

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