What are neurons? Please answer ASAP!

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lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Neurons are nerve cells. They are found in eukaryotes, specifically multi-cellular organisms. They are found in animals. They are specialized to carry information quickly from one part of the animal to another part. In your biology class you have no doubt been shown diagrams of "typical" animal cells--they have cell membranes, a nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes and other organelles. In reality, very few animal cells look like those diagrams; instead, they are specialized for the job they do. Nerve cells come in several different types, but they have similarities to each other. They have areas that receive a chemical stimulus (dendrites) and areas that move an electrical impulse quickly down a long shaft (axons). They then release chemical messengers that travel across a small gap (synapse) to stimulate the next nerve cell's dendrites. The link attached has diagrams of nerve cells.

Neurons can be divided into sensory neurons that pick up information from areas such as the skin, eyes, and ears and take it toward the central nervous system. Motor neurons carry information away from the central nervous system to tell muscles or glands what to do. Interneurons take information between the two.