What is Netherfield and who all lives there?

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Netherfield Park is the large mansion leased to Mr. Bingley and his sisters in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  Netherfield is a country estate outfitted with beautiful furnishings indicative of the high societal rank of the inhabitants. When Bingley and his siblings come to Netherfield, it creates quite a stir in the "neighborhood," since their arrival almost certainly means there will be much entertaining and socializing to follow in the beautiful manse.  Furthermore, for mothers like Mrs. Bennet who are anxious to make good matches for their unmarried daughters, Mr. Bingley's arrival was monumentally good news because he was young, rich, and unmarried.   

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Netherfield Park is the affluent estate in Bennet’s neighborhood which has been leased by Mr. Bingley’s family. Mr. Bingley, a wealthy bachelor, lives in the estate with his sisters, friend Mr. Darcy and their servants. Their move into the estate is much anticipated especially by Mr. and Mrs. Bennet who strategize from the onset of how they would marry off one of their daughters to the eligible bachelor. At an organized ball, Mr. Bingley gets to meet the Bennet family and is particularly drawn to Jane whereas Darcy notices Elizabeth but his contempt for her low social status interferes with his real feelings. Later on Jane catches a cold and is forced to live in Netherfield Park for six days as the local apothecary attended to her. Elizabeth also lived at Netherfield for a few days as she helped nurse her ill sister and in the process Darcy warmed up to her.


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