What is the net ionic equation of NiBr2+AgNO3?

giorgiana1976 | Student

Ni Br2 + Ag NO3 -> Ni (NO3)2 + 2AgBr

Since the nitrat ion NO3- is soluble, therefore is aqueous but silver bromide (AgBr) is water insoluble salt.

We'll separate the aqueous soutions to determine the net ionic equation and we'll have:

Ni (2+) (aq.) + 2NO3 (aq.) + 2Ag(+)(aq.) + 2Br(-)(aq.) -> Ni (2+) (aq.) + 2NO3 (aq.) + 2AgBr (salt)

We notice that the repeating ions on both sides are cancelling out, except 2Ag(+)(aq.) + 2Br(-)(aq.) on the reactant side and 2AgBr (salt) on the product side, getting the net ionic equation.

2Ag(+)(aq.) + 2Br(-)(aq.) -> 2AgBr (salt)

Therefore, the net ionic equation is:2Ag(+)(aq.) + 2Br(-)(aq.) -> 2AgBr (salt).