What is the net ionic equation for  H2CO3 + 2 KOH => K2(CO3) + 2 H2O please balance the equation if it is not

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`H_2CO_3_(aq) rarr 2H^+_(aq)+CO_3^(2-)_(aq)` ----(1)

`KOH_((aq)) rarr K^+_(aq)+OH^-_(aq)` -----(2)


This is a acid base reaction. KOH act as a base and `H_2CO_3` act as an acid.`H_2CO_3` gives two `H^+` ions. So we need `2OH^-` ions as well.



`H_2CO_3_(aq)+2KOH_(aq) rarr2H^+_(aq)+CO_3^(2-)_(aq)+2K^+_(aq)+2OH^-_(aq)`

`H_2CO_3_(aq)+2KOH_(aq) rarrCO_3^(2-)_(aq)+2K^+_(aq)+2H_2O_((l))`


In both sides K^+ and CO_3^(2-) ions remain same. So they will cancel out.

So the net ionic equation will be;

`2H^+_(aq)+2OH^(-)_(aq) rarr 2H_2O_((l))`



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