What is the net ionic equation for AgNO3 and KI?

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We are looking for the net ionic equation for `AgNO_3` and `KI` .  `AgNO_3` is silver nitrate and is soluble in water.  `KI` is potassium iodide and is also soluble in water.  If we mix aqueous solutions of both chemicals, silver iodide will form which is largely insoluble in water.  The other ion pair, potassium nitrate, is also soluble in water.  The total ionic equation is given below:

`Ag_(aq)^(+) + NO3_(aq)^(-) + K_(aq)^(+) + I_(aq)^(-) -gt AgI_(s) + K_(aq)^(+) + NO_3_(aq)^(-)`

The potassium and nitrate ions do not change over the course of the reaction so they are considered spectator ions.  The net ionic equation eliminates these spectator ions and is given below:

`Aq_(aq)^(+) + I_(aq)^(-) -gt AgI_(s)`

In other words silver ions and iodide ions combine to form silver iodide as a solid.

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