What is Nestor’s opinion of telemachus

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nestor greets and treats Telemachus as a friend when he comes in search of news of his father, Odysseus. Nestor has heard of Penelope's plight and the abuses of the suitors, but he believes that Odysseus might yet return home, especially since he was always supported by the goddess, Athena.

Nestor seems to like Telemachus quite a bit, and he refuses to allow Telemachus to sleep on his ship, desiring the young man to sleep comfortably in Nestor's home. Nestor also has his youngest daughter bathe, anoint, and dress Telemachus. Further, Nestor gives Telemachus his swiftest horses, a chariot, and rich food to sustain him on his way to the palace of Menelaus, who may have additional information about Odysseus.

Nestor recognizes that Telemachus is a "loving son" of Odysseus, and he respects Orestes, another such loving son that killed his mother and her lover after they'd murdered his father, Agamemnon. He feels that Telemachus is a very loyal son, and this curries favor with him.