What is the nest ionic equation for  Zn + HNO3 => Zn(NO3)2 + H2  also if the equation is not balanced please do so 

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here Zn will increase its oxidation state from 0 to +2 and H will decrease its oxidation state from +1 to 0.

`Zn_((s)) rarr Zn^(2+)+2e ----(1)`

`HNO_3_(aq) +e rarr NO_3^-_(aq)+H_2_(g)` -----(2)



`Zn_((s))+2HNO_3_(aq) rarrZn^(2+)+2NO_3^-_(aq)+H_2_(g)`

`Zn_((s))+2H^+_(aq)+2NO_3^-_(aq) rarrZn^(2+)+2NO_3^-_(aq)+H_2_(g)`

In both sides nitrate ions are in same state. So they will be cancel out.

So the net ionic equation will be;

`Zn_((s))+2H^+_(aq) rarrZn^(2+)+H_2_(g)`