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One more thing.  All these things -- the sending of messages, etc -- occurs because electrical signals are produced by chemical reactions.  Ions are necessary for these to occur.

senioreeto | Student
nerve impulse is the message coming from brain or from sense organs that travels along the length of an axon of a neuron in the form of an impulse/wave.
loraaa | Student

(1) The movement of action potential along a nerve fiber in response to a stimulus (such as touch, pain, heat or cold).

(2) The relaying of a coded signal that travels along a nerve cell membrane to an effector, such as muscle, gland or another nerve cell.


A nerve impulse is the relaying of a coded signal from a nerve cell to an effector (a muscle cell, a gland cell or another nerve cell) in response to a stimulus. It is the means by which a nerve cell communicates with another cell. This signal is relayed along the axon of the nerve cell, bringing a message that instructs an effector to act. For instance, in neuromuscular junction, the nerve impulse moves along the axon of a nerve cell to instruct a muscle cell to contract.