What are the negative consequence of Americanization to other countries?

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For those individuals who are extremely wedded to the idea that indigenous cultures should not be permeated by globalization or Americanization, the negative consequences are evident. Americanization results in an automatic embrace of values strongly associated with America.  In what Barber would call the "McWorld" predicament, Americanization is predicated upon the automatic acceptance of "American values."  This can result in a rejection of indigenous cultural values.  For those who tend to view reality through the prism of cultural identity, Americanization can be a negative because it advances American cultural values at the cost of one's own cultural notions of the good.

In its most blunt form, "Americanization" removes the ability to appreciate cultural diversity.  If Americanization results in products, goods, and consciousness that reflects only what is present in America, heterogeneity is lost.  Americanization tends to expand and subsume other cultural notions of the good.  Barber points out that this dependence on market- driven notions of the good and economic imperatives results an Americanized view of the world: "Every nation, it turns out, needs something another nation has; some nations have almost nothing they need."  For some, this becomes the fundamental problem with Americanization.  It replicates its own problems all over the world.  It is in this light where some would suggest that there are negative consequences to Americanization.