What negative aspects of entertainment in our society does Suzanne Collins seem to be warning us about in The Hunger Games?

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1. Reality TV: we seem to find it entertaining to watch others struggle and have bad times. E.G. Cops, Survivor, Hoarders, Intervention. People watched the Hunger Games as if it were a TV program.

2. Violence: We have come to accept violence on TV and in movies as adding more excitement.  No one thinks of the possible consequences or the fact that someone was maimed or died.  Remember, each of these characters had to die!

3.Competition: Winning at all costs: People forgot their moral compass as to what is right and wrong and just wanted to win. Someone else's death brought joy to another group.

4. Appearance and lies: What Katniss and Peeta looked like and even their love affair was all staged for the audience.  None of it was real, but it was to the people watching

5. Manipulation: the hosts were able to portray the tributes any way they wished to make them more or less appealing.  From the interviews at the beginning of the games to the games themselves.

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