What is the need of the environment?    

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An environment can be defined as all the surroundings that make it possible for a given organism to live. This can include air, water, climate, minerals, soil, and sunlight. In addition to all these non-livings components, an environment also consists of the other living organisms in a given area.  However, for man there are two environments a natural one and a manmade one, such as a city or suburban surrounding. This consists of all the elements of human life in an area, including the physical infrastructure and social and societal institutions, such as nation, community, schools, culture and sub-culture, etc.

The role of the environment is a significant one for all living things. The environment of an organism helps to define it, and vice-versa. The raw materials tell us what we will eat, breathe, and how we will survive in a given space. Without a stable natural environment, providing us the proper food, water, sunlight, temperature, and space to live, it would be impossible for us as humans to settle in a given space and development our own environment and culture. This manmade culture is also vital to our health, by nature we are social creatures and require others to thrive, our environment, whether physical or abstract provides the structure by which we socialize and get our social and emotional needs met.



gigimonvs | Student

We need environment for our life. If environment is not there then there is no existence of human race. Without the environment you wouldn't be able to live. The environment is an extremely important part of our lives and nowadays people aren't respecting it. If the air, water and soil are polluted we get various diseases. It shows the importance of the having all these as part of environment.