What is necessary when writing a Response to Literature?

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I think that the previous post did a strong job in addressing the questions that have to be included in a literature response.  I would also submit that being able to create these arguments with specific support from the text is another critical element in literature responses.  Answers have to be able to discuss both ideas about the text as well as support from it.  This may take the form of direct quotations and lines, or identifying critical scenes/ moments and explaining their relevance.  The thoughts and perceptions of the writer drive any quality literature response.  However, it is critical that text based support is a component of this vehicle.

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Well, when writing a response to any subject or question, you first have to have a clear understanding of what is being asked.  If the nature of the questions isn't clear, you should ask the inquirer some questions of your own:  To what exactly are they referring?  Did I not explain something clearly enough to them?  Are they confused about what is required of them?  Do they not understand the message the author is putting across?  Have they learned to "read between the lines" and interpret symbolism?

All these are questions that need to be addressed when writing a response to literature. 

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