What are the necessary factors to measure monthly average temperature?

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In order to calculate monthly average temperature (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc...), you will need the following:

  • A defined area or region for which you can monitor temperature. This area or region is best outlined by nearby topography and/or bodies of water.
  • A method of measuring temperature on an hourly basis OR
  • A dataset that provides temperature measurements on an hourly basis.
  • A record (either your measurements or from a data set) of daily maximums (highs) and minimums (lows).

First, you will need to calculate the daily average temperature. You can do this by adding the daily high with the daily low and taking the average value. To get the monthly average, you will add up all daily average temperatures and divide by the number of days in the month.

*Important note: If you want an accurate look at monthly average temperature, you want to keep the highs and lows separate and report both values. 

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