What is the nature of Kit's final conversation with William? please leave a full sentence

Expert Answers
lnichenko eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most significant conversation between Kit and William came after Kit’s inquiry. It is important to know that during the proceedings, William purposefully stayed away from the courthouse. Kit wanted desperately to have him as her champion and was was deeply disappointed that he did not come. Their final conversation began with William explaining that he could forgive Kit if she would change her odd ways. He felt that if she tried, she could fit in to the community. Kit told him that she did not want a life where she couldn’t choose her own friends. She said they would be uneasy with each other for their whole lives. Each would want the other to change. They parted, both understanding that the courtship was over.

gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While we can and should assume they talk many more times (they live in the same small community, after all), the final conversation included in the book is when Kit turns William away, telling him they won't be getting married.

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