What is the national impact of computers on society? What is the national impact of computers on society?

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As has been said, this is a big question.

Computers have allowed us to automate and regulate industry and production in ways that would not be likely without them.

Computers have also given rise to new social elements (texting, being on the phone while driving or while shopping).

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Computers have made a huge impact both on the economy and on society.  I can't imagine life without them, but more importantly I can't imagine work without them.  As a teacher with part time and full time jobs, I use the computer constantly.  The computer has made me much more productive.  I also now have an ipad, which makes doing a lot of my work much easier too.

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Computers have impacted the way that we communicate as a society.  With small computers in everyone's pocket, cell phones, sidekicks, blackberries, we live in the world of instant communication.  For some, this is the way it has always been, for others, this form of communication is an intrusion. 

I am a teacher, and I can tell you that cell phones and sidekicks are a constant problem.  Students don't understand why they cannot stay in constant communication with their friends.  It is a challenge every day to remind students to put the devices away.

The reason for this struggle is because these kids, 16 and 17 have always had instant communication, so for them its like breathing.

Another way that computers have changed or impacted society is how we do business.  There are more companies using video conferencing to hold meetings with clients in various locations around the world. 

It makes sense that computers would impact the communication of society.  At your fingertips, is news from around the world, 24 hours a day. It has made research easier for students, libraries of books are available online.

Computers help people to earn a living, there are many computer based businesses that allow people to earn money on the Internet.   

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This question is huge, so I will just answer part of it from my expertise. Computers have had a massive impact on literature all over the world. Because word processing makes writing faster and easier, less thought is required in order to write.

When James Joyce wrote Ulysses, he considered every word that he hand wrote down. Because of computers, anyone, anywhere can blog their emotions and ideas. Computers have resulted in the trade of quality for quantity.

I would be interested to read answered about other areas of society.

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