What is the Narrabeen man?

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The "Narrabeen Man" is the name given to a skeleton unearthed near the intersection of Ocean Street and Octavia Street in Narrabeen, Australia in January 2005 by workers digging a ditch to work on electricity cables. Radiocarbon dating shows the skeleton to be some 4,000 years old, dating it to approximately 2000 BC. 

The skeleton is of a man approximately 6 feet tall, which is substantially taller than most aboriginal men of his period. He was between 30 and 40 years old at the time of his death. His last meal consisted of fish. 

What makes this skeleton particularly interesting is the manner of his death. He was killed by being stabbed in the back as well as the front with several spears of a particular type with stone barbs, and he was not given a traditional burial. Some archaeologists have suggested that this might be evidence for this having been a ritual murder.

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