What is Napoleon's physical and behavioural characteristics found in chapters 9 and 10?I need to make a profile of Napoleon from chapters 9 and 10.

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the major changes in chapter nine is that the farm is declared a republic, but of course there is only one candidate for president, Napoleon.  So he is elected without opposition and continues to use propaganda and other means to control the rest of the animals and convince them that their lives are better than they were previously.

Even after Boxer is sent to the knackers, Squealer is always telling the rest of the animals that Napoleon is always right.  Of course after he goes off to the knackers, he convinces the other animals that it was just a ride to the hospital, after which the pigs get another case of whiskey and drink themselves into a stupor.

Napoleon gets fatter, and makes the farm more profitable rather than improving it for the animals with the things he once went on and on about.  The pigs (Napoleon included) eventually begin to walk on two feet and carry whips and wear human clothes.

khyatik | Student

napoleon was a large fierce looking berkshire boar. he was very cunning. he was ruthless and slaughtered the animals who went against him. He was also cruel and evil