In Animal Farm, what are Napolean's ideas about education?

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Napolean believes that an emphasis on the young should be the focus of education. This is first exemplified in Chapter III when he takes nine young puppies from their mother's care in order to train them. They later come back as Napoleon's enforcers and play a large role in Napoleon's grab for power against Snowball. Snowball, on the other hand, would prefer to focus on all the animals. He wants to organize the animals into committees and teach all of them to read. This parallels the fight between Stalin and Trotsky after the death of Lenin and the Russian Revolution. Eventually, Trotsky was forced into exile by Stalin and then later assassinated. Like Trotsky, Snowball is chased off of Animal Farm by the dogs and Napoleon takes control of Animal Farm.

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so that napoleon could take control over the pups instead of their mother as she forgot about her 9 pups