What Names Are Used For Male And Female Animals?

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Sometimes an animal's gender is not distinguished by separate names. For example, in the table below there is no name listed for a female alligator. In this case, a male alligator is called a "bull" and a female alligator is just referred to as an "alligator."

Animal Male name Female name
Aligator Bull
Ant Queen
Ass Jack or jackass Jenny
Bear Boar or he-bear Sow or she-bear
Bee Drone Queen or queen bee
Camel Bull Cow
Caribou Bull, stag, or hart Cow or doe
Cat Tom, tomcat, gib, gibeat, boarcat, or ramcat Tabby, grimalkin, malkin, pussy, or queen
Chicken Rooster, cock, stag, or chanticleer Hen, partlet, or biddy
Cougar Tom or lion Lioness, she-lion, or pantheress
Coyote Dog Bitch
Deer Buck or stag Doe
Dog Dog Bitch
Duck Drake or stag Duck
Fox Fox, dog-fox, stag, reynard, or renard Vixen, bitch, or she-fox
Giraffe Bull Cow
Goat Buck, billy, billie, billie-goat, or he-goat She-goat, nanny, nannie, or nannie-goat
Goose Gander or stag Goose or dame
Guinea pig Boar
Horse Stallion, stag, horse, stud, stot, stable horse, sire, or rig Mare or dam
Impala Ram Ewe
Kangaroo Buck Dow
Leopard Leopard Leopardess
Lion Lion or torn Lioness or she-lion
Lobster Cock Hen
Manatee Bull Cow
Mink Boar Sow
Moose Bull Cow
Mule Stallion or jackass She-ass or mare
Ostrich Cock Hen
Otter Dog Bitch
Owl Jenny or howlet
Ox Ox, beef, steer, or bullock Cow or beef
Partridge Cock Hen
Peacock Peacock Peahen
Pigeon Cock Hen
Quail Cock Hen
Rabbit Buck Doe
Reindeer Buck Doe
Robin Cock
Seal Bull Cow
Sheep Buck, ram, male-sheep, or mutton Ewe or dam
Skunk Boar
Swan Cob Pen
Termite King Queen
Tiger Tiger Tigress
Turkey Gobbler or tom Hen
Walrus Bull Cow
Whale Bull Cow
Woodchuck He-chuck She-chuck
Wren Jenny or jennywren
Zebra Stallion Mare

Source: Gray, Peter. The Encyclopedia of the Biological Sciences, pp. 594-95.

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Most of the times, an animals gender name depends on the animal. Since there are thousands among thousands of animals, it would be hard to list them all. Here are links to help find what you may be looking for. 

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animal_names
  • http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0872847.html
  • http://www.myuniversalfacts.com/2006/06/animal-gender-names-of-male-and-female.html
  • http://forums.bizhat.com/your-kid/34173-animal-gender-names-male-female-animals.html

By the way, to find a specific animal while on these sites press ctrl + f and type in the animal and it should highlight what you're looking for.