What Names Are Used For Groups Of Animals?

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Several of the animals listed in the table below may have more than one name listed for a group. It is also possible that some of the names given to a group of animals may be used for more than one animal group. For example, the word "swarm" may refer to a group of ants or a group of flies.

Animal Group name
Ants Nest, army, colony, state, or swarm
Bees Swarm, cluster, nest, hive, or erst
Caterpillars Army
Eels Swarm or bed
Fish School, shoal, haul, draught, run, or catch
Flies Business, hatch, grist, swarm, or cloud
Frogs Arm
Gnats Swarm, cloud, or horde
Goldfish Troubling
Grasshoppers Cloud
Hornets Nest
Jellyfish Smuck or brood
Lice Flock
Locusts Swarm, cloud, or plague
Minnows Shoal, steam, or swarm
Oysters Bed
Sardines Family
Sharks School or shoal
Snakes Bed, knot, den, or pit
Termites Colony, nest, swarm, or broad
Toads Nest, knot, or knab
Trout Hover
Turtles Bale or dole
Wasps Nest, herd, or pladge

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