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The novel, “Lord of The Flies,” by William Golding is about a group of boys who are involved in a plane crash. All of the adults are killed. The boys must survive on their own until they are rescued. The theme of the book is about a struggle between civilization and anarchy. Some of the boys follow the rules set up at the beginning of the story while other boys become totally unruly.  They begin to act like wild animals; only the strong survive. Two of the boys are twins. These two are loveable, “two-haired” boys that pretty much go with the flow. They try to get along with which ever side is in charge.  They start out with Ralph and Piggy, but eventually change sides because Roger is cruel to them and they are afraid to go against Jack. Their names are Sam and Eric, but throughout the story they are referred to as “Samneric.”

"Twins named Sam and Eric but because they are always together, even talking in tandem, they are called “Samneric.” Bullet-headed, tow-haired, chunky, full of vitality."

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Sam and Eric or Samneric

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sam and eric

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