What are the names of the three Wilks sisters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?  

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The sisters' names are Mary Jane (19 years old), Susan (15) and Joanna (14).

The Wilks sisters are the daughters of Peter Wilks, who has recently died, leaving them a whole bunch of money.  This is in Chapter 24.  The "king" and the "duke" find out about Wilks' death and they also hear that his two brothers are going to be arriving very soon from England. The brothers are really not well known to the American part of the family.

When the duke and king hear this, they decide to defraud the Wilks family by pretending to be the brothers.

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The three Wilks sisters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain are MaryJane (age 19), Joanna (age 14), and Susan (age 15).

In the book, the three girls are orphaned when their uncle Peter, their guardian, dies. The King and Duke, two con men who claim to be royalty, work to scam people in the various towns they encounter along the riverbank of the Mississippi. The King and Duke attempt to scam the Wilks sisters by pretending to be their long-lost uncles in order to access the Wilks' inheritance.

When Huck first encounters the King and Duke, he is aware of their true motives but goes along with them to protect Jim. However, when Huck realizes that the two con artists are planning to cheat the Wilks sisters out of their inheritance, he turns on them and ruins their scam.

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The names of the three Wilks sisters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are Mary Jane (19 years old), Susan (15) and Joanna (14).

The deceased Peter Wilks was a wealthy local tanner in England, and the three Wilks sisters are his nieces. All three of them stood to inherit Peter Wilks' estate because their parents (the Wilks sisters' father was Peter's brother) had previously passed away the year before.

The king and his duke also know of Peter Wilks death and are aware of the fact that Peter's two, little-known brothers are scheduled to arrive in England. So, both the king and the duke 'hatch out a plan' to con the Wilks sisters out of their inheritance. This plan involved them pretending to be Peter's brothers. However, the plan was foiled by Huckleberry Finn, who was very fond of Mary Jane.