What are the names of the seventeen members of the platoon in the story "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien?

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I listed the characters in the order they appear in the story, with a short descriptor afterward.

1. Tim O'Brien - narrator of this story, even though he is not mentioned by name.

2. Lt. Jimmy Cross - main character of this story, who pines for a girl named Martha.

3. Henry Dobbins - the machine gunner; "a big man"

4. Dave Jensen - "practiced field hygiene"

5. Ted Lavender - described as "scared," he is killed in this story, and Jimmy Cross blames himself because he thinks about Martha so much that it distracts him

6. Mitchell Sanders - the RTO (radio transmission officer)

7. Norman Bowker - "otherwise a very gentle person, carried a thumb that had been presented to him as a gift by Mitchell Sanders"

8. Bob "Rat" Kiley - the medic

9. Kiowa - described as a "devout Baptist," carries "his grandmother's distrust of the white man, his grandfather's old hunting hatchet"

10. Lee Strunk - has an interesting relationship with Dave Jensen

These ten are mentioned in the first story "The Things They Carried."  Other members of the platoon throughout the book are Curt Lemon, Azar, Bobby Jorgenson, Eddie Diamond, Morty Phillips, LZ Gator, and Mark Fossie.

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