What are the names of the poor family in frankenstein and who is Agetha and Felix?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The father of the poor family in Frankenstein was identified as "DeLacey." Agatha [check your spelling of her name] was DeLacey's daughter, and Felix his son.  The story of this family, a blind defeated old man and his perpetually sullen offspring, was used by Mary Shelley to convey the source of the creature's education and of the emotional devastation he suffered when rejected by them.  The creature had harbored only the best of intentions toward the DeLacey family, but his appearance, upon being discovered by Felix while appealing to the old man, was frightening to the son, who reacted violently to the sight of the creature.  This rejection by a family in whom the creature had invested himself emotionally was too much for the creature to bear and deepened his sense of misery.

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