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Things Fall Apart

by Chinua Achebe

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What are the names of Okonkwo's daughters? 

Expert Answers

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Ezinma--  She is the only surviving child from Okonkwo's second wife Ekwefi.  Ezinma is the favorite of the children, doted on by her mother. Her father wishes she would have been a boy, because then she could have been the kind of son he could be proud of (unlike Nwoye, who he believes to be lazy).  Although Okonkwo loves Ezinma very much, he struggles with showing it, fearing that to do so would make him appear weak . 

Obiageli-- She is the daughter from Okonkwo's first wife.  She looks to Ezinma as an example to follow or a role model.

Nkechi--The daughter of Ojiugo, the youngest wife, and Okonkwo.

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