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what are the names of the joints in our bodies,their locations and their functions??

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We have different types of joints in our body. All joints have different functions. Our range of motion is due to our joints. There are 360 total joints in the human body. A joint holds together two or more bones or other hard structure.

Synarthrosis joint-immovable joints. Ex: bottom of the spine-5 bones fuse to make the sacrum.

Amphiarthrosis joint-allows large movement, but each joint makes a small movement. Ex. When the back bends, each joint makes a small movement.

Diarthrodial joint-bones are separated by a joint cavity and fluid preventing the bones from rubbing together. They are classfiied by how they move.

  • Hinge joint-Move back and forth like the hinge on a door. Ex. knee.
  • Saddle joint-Moves side to side and and back to front. Ex. thumb.
  • Hinge and pivot joint-Moves and rotates around. Ex. Elbow.
  • Ball-and-socket joint-Allows the most motion. Ex. Shoulders and hips.