What are the names, formulas and uses for two different compounds containing beryllium?

william1941 | Student

Two compounds of Be which are useful are Beryllium oxide (BeO) and Beryllium chloride (BeCl2)

BeO is a white crystalline solid that is prepared by heating beryllium carbonate, or through dehydration of beryllium hydroxide or by combustion of Be.

BeCO3--> BeO + CO2

Be (OH) 2 --> BeO + H2O

2 Be + O2 --> 2 BeO

This compound is used in many applications that require the properties of both an electrical insulator and an excellent heat conductor. BeO has a high strength and hardness and a very high melting point. It is used in radio frequency transmitters in telecommunication.

Beryllium chloride is a Lewis acid. It is prepared by treating Be with HCl.

Be + 2 HCl --> BeCl2 + H2

The anhydrous salt of BeCl2 is used in several organic reactions as a catalyst.

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